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Social Good, Seeing The Bigger Picture

The Dealer

The car business has changed a lot over the years, most of it for the better. However, despite the positive changes, despite the fact that most dealerships contribute heavily to their local communities, and despite an ever increasing desire to want to have a positive impact on their customers the auto dealership is still seen in a negative light.

A lot of the reasons for this are totally legit, a few bad apples are infecting the whole bunch and making the collective industry look bad. Traditionally, the relationship between car buyer and car seller has been adversarial, both sides always wanting the upper hand; one side wanting to leave money on the table, the other side wanting it all.

With the way things are going, except for a few communities across the country, this relationship will never change. But there must be a change and the only way that’s going to happen is if the auto industry as whole comes together and makes a difference… nation wide.

The Consumer

As the customer, the car buying process is both exciting and scary. They don’t have to be reminded that it’s the single biggest money investment of their lives, next to buying a home, they just know, and the moment the car buying process is begun, stress is through the roof!

Buying a new car should be exciting, but it’s always mixed with fear, uncertainty, and even regret, that’s NOT the way it should be and is a shame that it is. There are dealerships though, all across the country that make it their mission to ensure that the customer experience is second to none.

Trust is broken and must be repaired before the car business can truly be seen in a “new” light.

The Cause

Car Dealers For A Cause™ is a way for the auto industry, as a whole, to push a cause that’s bigger than themselves. The Cause? Humanitarianism. A way to showcase the auto dealers that get it, that understand that the only way to repair the broken, adversarial relationship between car buyer and car seller is by showcasing the human side of the auto industry.

This will be accomplished by showcasing what dealerships are doing to have a positive impact on their local communities. Car Dealers For A Cause™ will collect and share the positive stories, due to the dealerships involvement, in the local community.

Supporting Those That Support You

As a consumer Car Dealers For A Cause™ will be a place for you to choose a dealership, that you want to do business with, based of the social good they are doing in your local community.

By supporting those that support your local community you are also supporting your local community. So share these wonderful dealerships on your Facebook wall, on Twitter and on LinkedIn, on Google + and on your blog.

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